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Aaj Ka Sawal
Topic: Khums
Date:16 February, 2018

Q:Aik shakhs ki wafaat hogae laikin wursa ko nahi maloom kay marnay walay nay apni zindagi main khums nikala ya nahi to is soorat main kiya wursa par wajib hay kay wirasat taqseem karnay se pehlay is par khums nikalain ya mustahab hay?
Ans:Aihtyaate wajib ki bina par jis saal inteqaal howa hay agar aihtemal ho kay khums ada nahi kiyaagar aihtemal ho kay khums ada nahi kiya us saal kay munafay par musalihat karain, iskay ilawa munafay par kuch wajib nahi hay magar ye kay marnay walay kay zimmay ko khums se baree karna chahain to baaqi saaloo kay munafay par bhi khums nikaal saktay hain.


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