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Date: 25 August, 2016

Q: Hajj ki kitni qismain hain?

Ans: Hajj ki 3 qismain hain:
1: Hajj e Tamattu
2: Hajj e Ifraad
3: Hajj e Qiran
Hajj e Tamattu un afraad ka wazeefa hay kay jo makka mukarrama say 88km say ziada faaslay par rehtay hain.jabkay hajj e ifraad aur hajj e qiran un afraad ka wazeefa hay jo ahle makka shumaar hotay hain ya 88km say kam faaslay par rehtay hain, jaisay wo afraad jo jedda main rehtay hain.

(السيد علی الحسينی السيستانی)

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