Our Vision

An ever-increasing number of book lovers and readers that seek guidance in their lives from the teachings and life stories of the Holy Prophet SAWW and his Ahlul Bayt (AS).

Our Mission

To produce and publish material which provides guidance towards a better future and inspires the readers towards character building by learning about the history and life stories of the
Holy Prophet (SAWW) and his household, the Ahlul Bayt (AS). To publish such interesting writeups followed by competitions to revive and nurture the lost love for books in the society.

Our Profile

Green Island Youth Forum (GIYF) is a child chapter of Green Island Trust (GIT). GIYF is working since June 2008. for strengthening the spiritual, moral, educational, financial, social & cultural grooming of the youth. From a mere start of organizing couple of indoor games, the Forum has AlhamdoLillah grown horizontally and vertically of organizing fitness, religious gatherings to educational coaching. GIYF soon caught the attention of the masses by organizing Manqabat competitions, Career Guidance seminars as well as events where youth are provided with the opportunity to interact with society’s legends in an informal environment.

Details of such activities are:

Sports Activities:

  • An Intra Community Sports Festival is held every year which is the expansion of Intra Community Cricket Tournament held in 2009. Presently this festival includes Cricket, Football, Swimming, Table tennis and Snooker. The ICSF inculcated interest in our society and brought into light some potential talent among the youth.
  • Our daily programs include indoor games, physical fitness between 4:00 to 10:30 pm.

Other religious, social and developmental activities:

  • Regular Madresa Activities
  • Teacher’s Training Program
  • 5 Day Speeches (Majalis) in Moharram from 25th to 30th where different religious scholars deliver lectures.
  • Observe yearly shahadat day of Daugther of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad s.a.w.w namely Bibi Fatima s.a on 1st to 3rd Jamadiussani
  • Jashn-e-Eid-e-Zehra(SA) on every 9th Rabiul Awwal Renowned poets and manqabat khwans from the city mark the occasion. Youth are also given opportunity to participate.
  • “Jashn-e-Anwar-e-Shaban & Panjetani Shield” is also organized every year. In this program, youth (ages 10-25 years) are provided with the platform to compete at city level MANQABAT program.
  • Wasilat un Nijat is actually Hifz prog of Qurani Suras (chapters), Duas, Ziarats and Mustahib Namaz through which people attach with religion and get spiritually motivated
  • Gohar e Hikmat is a series of books with quiz competition which is for increasing habit of reading with authentic matter related to seerat, aqaid, fiqh, morally and other related issues of religious and ethical values.
  • In addition to the recreational activities for youth, a Library is also established to develop their educational talent and to encourage reading habit.

With only few years on and the journey just begun and the bag has become full of achievements. But the real feather in our cap is your kind appreciation and support that you place with us morally, financially and physically.

Trustee’s Message


In the name of ALLAH
Dear Brothers and Sisters

By the grace of the Almighty, the Youth Forum family has been accomplishing its due role in nourishment of intellectual and physical fitness needs of the youth. Starting from sports, fitness, religious gatherings to educational coaching, GIYF also joined the veterans by organizing Manqabat competitions, Career Guidance seminars as well as events to provide the youth an opportunity to rub their shoulders with society’s legends in “Bethak”. All this has become possible due to the continued support of our well wisher that will insha Allah keep increasing with the passage of time.

One genuine expansion of GIYF domain was the provision of Women Wing which is successfully operating from 9 to 12 noon & 4 to 7 pm. daily at its separate venue situated at GIWW, PLOT NO. 143, RAHEEN AVENUE, G-1, SOLDIER BAZAR NO.2, KARACHI.

In accordance with one of the objectives of establishing the Forum, physical fitness and activities remain the most focused area. Sports play a vital role in the youth’s psychological, mental and physical growth. The platform provided by GIYF

induces patience, discipline and teamwork when the youth participate in healthy sports activities organized daily, weekly and on annual basis in the form of Sports Festival.

I sincerely hope the endeavors that the youngsters are putting for this cause would be fruitful and encouraging for them and they would receive admiration from one and all and blessings from the Almighty.

May Allah guide our journey towards success, Ameen!

Ghulam Raza Roohani